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Carbon Growth Partners

The investment manager Carbon Growth Partners is a newly established firm that has already made waves with ethical investing maneuvers. By working to grow the sector and attracting major interest inside a short window in 2021, there is evidence to demonstrate that clients should get involved in the program. We will explore what those advantages look like in real terms. 

Investing in a Real Vision 

Clients who decide that businesses like Carbon Growth Partners are a viable investment opportunity will find that they are backing a management team who have a real vision for the future. With the potential to make capital work for the environment, they will be leveraging the tools of effective carbon market financing mechanisms to drive safe climate initiatives. It is a vision to ensure that at-risk communities are no longer in that category and for forests and grasslands to once again be flourishing, and this is possible through their framework. 

Backing an Organisation That Gets Results 

Although the rhetoric with Carbon Growth Partners sounds great, a lot of interested parties will have a justifiable question: what are you actually doing to solve these issues and where is the money being invested to deliver real action? This is where the brand’s track record comes into play, detailing a reduction and removal of 25 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. That is before the 70% internal rate of return (IRR) was generated with $200 million worth of assets over the past 12-month period.  

Leaning on Tangible Climate Experience 

Participants who see this investment manager as a viable proposition for ethical investing practices want to know that there are experienced practitioners and specialists who bring a wealth of skills to the table. The good news with this brand is that the people involved are visible and willing to lead by example.

The team includes:

  • CEO Richard Gilmore
  • Chief Strategy Officer Stephanie Russo
  • Chief Investment Officer John Coffeng
  • Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Choong
  • Chief Impact Officer Charles Bedford
  • Chief Origination Officer Eric Love

Diverse Investment Portfolio 

The good news for clients who invest with Carbon Growth Partners is that their portfolio is far from one-dimensional. Recognising that the fight for climate justice requires input from every sector and stakeholder, this is a management enterprise that includes support from individuals to small business, large business, governments and institutions at every level. If there was ever a concern that citizens were putting all of their eggs into one basket and compromising their money on the basis of isolated success, they would be mistaken. This is a coalition effort from a range of stakeholders across the board. 

Industry Backed & Certified 

As much progress as Carbon Growth Partners can deliver with their savvy investment strategies and proactive engagement initiatives, they do require support from ethical networks. With these credentials on display thanks to their affiliations, there is a genuine coalition of members who are delivering results as a community. 

This backing is demonstrated in the form of:

  • Carbon Market Institute (CMI)
  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) 
  • Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Engaging in a Growth Industry 

Ethical investing is becoming something of a booming industry. Everyday people are becoming more aware about where they place their money and what those funds are used for. Instead of opting for what has been considered “traditional” or “conventional,” investments with Carbon Growth partners illustrate that clients are in touch with current financial thinking.  

Contributing to a Vital Cause 

The fact remains that clients who decide to invest with Carbon growth partners are not only looking to boost their own portfolio and add another dimension to their dividends, but they are backing a cause that could not be more important. The existential threat of climate change requires tangible action and ethical decision-making from people and institutions at every level. By moving money in these directions, it is not only a means of generating more wealth, but moving the markets in a direction that influences positive change that genuinely matters.