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Titleist Golf Balls Australia are excellent golf ball options in Australia. Since its dawn, golf has been a competitive sport. A game that required not strategy and wit but focus and finesse. A game that required not just the hands but the entire body as a means of propagation.

Over time, the game has improved by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the most competitive sports in the world. Unlike most sports worldwide, golf is a solo event, not a team sport. The contestant shouldered loss or victory alone, so players depend on the best quality equipment to achieve success.

The entire crafting process of the balls refines it in such a way as to produce the best quality balls you can find.

The Crafting Process Of Titleist Golf Balls Australia

From the AVX to the Pro V1x, all follow a similar crafting process, which favors quality over all else. The various Titleist Golf Balls Australia are built with varying attributes that prioritize various aspects to achieve different results.

The crafting begins with a mixture of carefully selected raw materials. They are then heated along with the main ingredient of the core, polybutadiene.

The core mixture is gravity fed through chilled rollers. The sheets obtained are then rolled onto large spindles and placed in a low-humidity conditioning room for cooling.

The temperature, pressure, and humidity are all closely monitored to ensure that the physical properties remain uniform all through. After cooling, the three-inch wide strips are fed through an extruder that squeezes them through a long tube. The spongy material is sliced into small cylinders (core preps) and loaded into a tray.

The core preps are loaded into a large compression molding assembly and then packed into a molding press. They are constantly heated at pressures with pinpoint temperatures with a fixed duration, transforming the spongy core into a rigid body.

Timing is everything because overheating or underheating the core distorts the curing process. After heating, the hardened bodies are stored in large totes to allow them to cool for a few hours.

A high-velocity casing is applied via an advanced injection moulding process. The thermoplastic ionomer is durable and protects the core from moisture while amplifying speed and calibrating spin.

The hobs create the dimple depths of these golf balls.

Titleist Golf Balls Australia Precision Levels

Each model has been built from the AVX to the ProV1x to achieve a different result when golfing. The golf balls achieve different results from driver peak height to the feel. Titleist Golf Balls Australia offers you various options depending on your skill level.

  1. Driver peak height: by increasing order ProV1x > –ProV1x > ProV1 > AVX. You get the maximum height with a ProV1x than with the others.
  2. Iron spin: The spin levels by increasing order are ProV1x > ProV1 > –ProV1x > AVX. The AVX gives the minimum spin in each game.
  3. Feel: the density of each of these balls varies. The –ProV1x is the hardest, and the AVX is the softest. Leaving the ProV1x and ProV1 intermediate.

End Note

All Titleist Golf Balls Australia are made in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Since its inception in 1932, we have provided the best-golfing equipment in the market. Titleist Golf Balls Australia will continue to provide the best of the best for golfers.