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Paella Catering In Sydney

Hosting an event is both exciting and exhausting. You get to choose everything and ensure all goes well. Any confusion in preparation can cause a great mishap during the event, and that is why you should be careful. Food is a major aspect when it comes to an event. That said, you should ensure you choose an exciting menu for your guests to make the event more memorable.

However, it is worth noting that choosing a menu for an event is a heavy task. Everyone has to agree with the menu before you can continue. Fortunately, Paella is a meal that most people agree with. You can never go wrong when you choose Paella catering in Sydney.

What is Paella catering in Sydney?

Paella is a rice dish infused with different ingredients to make one tantalizing dish. Its origin can be traced to Valencia but is often referred to as a Spanish dish. The meal includes Spanish rice. Saffron, chicken, and a plethora of selected vegetables. Therefore, Paella catering in Sydney is a food service company with experience in providing paella dishes at events and parties.

How To Choose Paella catering in Sydney

If you want your event to be unique, you should hire the best Paella catering in Sydney. The paella is an exceptional dish in Australian culture. For this reason, getting the right caterer to bring out the flavor is ideal. The meal should leave an excellent taste, and thus a memorable experience. You can ask them the following to ensure you know what to expect at the event.

The Type of Rice

While there are different types of rice in the world, there is a particular rice that makes paella. This is the traditional short-grain rice from Spain. It grows under specific conditions to provide low-starch rice with excellent absorption properties. Knowing this, you can ask about the rice the Paella catering in Sydney is going to use for your event. If the answer is short of the above characteristics, move on to another candidate. You should ensure the caterer uses the right rice for the occasion to produce the authentic taste of the paella dish.

The Stock Used

A Paella catering in Sydney Company should tell you the type of stock they are going to use for the event. The best paella stock comes from chicken bones, fish bones, and vegetables. Making their stock instead of outsourcing ensures the outcome is healthy, wholesome, and irritant-free. However, some caterers use booster stocks containing concentrated powders. The components of the booster stocks might heighten the taste of paella but contain unhealthy ingredients.

The Type of Chorizo

Many brands are emerging on the market that makes chorizo. The taste differs depending on each brand. However, the Paella catering in Sydney should ensure they choose the brand that delivers the original tasting chorizo for quality tasting paella. Rodrigue or La Boqueria Chorizo are highly recommended brands providing the best chorizos.

Saffron or Turmeric?

Excellent flavors of the Spanish paella come from using the correct ingredients. This means that instead of using turmeric powder, the company offering Paella catering in Sydney should use saffron. Although it is difficult to find saffron, using this ultimate ingredient shows great determination to achieve the best result.


After finding out everything you need to know from Paella catering in Sydney, you should enquire about the cost. The overall cost should include all the services the company will offer on that day. In addition, the price should be within your estimated budget.


Paella is a dish best served hot. Therefore, the caterer should prepare the meal at the site to ensure the guests receive it while it’s hot. In this case, the caterers visit the venue before the event begins and set up everything. Traditionally, the meal is served from the pan to ensure authenticity.