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Quality Leather Lounges In Melbourne

Leather lounges in Melbourne are a popular choice among homeowners because they are known for their incredible durability. If you’re looking for a couch that’s capable of standing the test of time then it doesn’t get much than good quality leather lounges in Melbourne. A lot of Australian furniture fanatics love the level of sophistication that these pieces can add to a home and many people believe that you simply can’t beat the smell. Leather lounges in Melbourne can be quite an investment, depending on their quality but it’s usually an investment that is well worth it when you consider how many years they last for. Many of the leather lounges in Melbourne that you will come across from quality sellers will last for well over a decade, in fact, some will last a lifetime. It’s not unusual to see items like this past down from generation to generation.

Typically, you’ll find that leather lounges in Melbourne are split into two different types based on the tanning process involved. Grain products tend to last longer and are known to be higher in quality. Split leather usually breaks a bit more easily. Read on below for the top tips you should keep in mind when looking for leather lounges in Melbourne.

Small imperfections

The first thing you should look for when you go shopping for a new furniture piece made from animal hide is whether or not you can spot any small imperfections. Real leather lounges in Melbourne are not smooth and will have natural unevenness and imperfections. Many people fail to realise that an overly perfect looking couch is not a good thing when you’re trying to buy the real thing.

Look at the back and sides

If you’re on the hunt for a genuine item then the easiest way to check that it isn’t made from faux material is to look at the panels on the back and sides of the couch. This will give you an indication of whether it’s real or not, if the panels are big then you’re probably not dealing with the real thing.

Ask for a sample swatch

When you go shopping it is a good idea to ask for a sample swatch to ensure that the colour is a good match on all the sides of the couch that you’re looking at. You should keep in mind that the grain may be a little bit different on all sides of your couch.

What is the weave like?

You should think about what the weave is like on the couches that are looking at. Leather lounges in Melbourne should be as breathable as possible which means you’ll want to go for a tightly woven material. The more tightly woven a material is the longer your couch is likely to last.

Durability and stretchability

A great tip when shopping for a new couch is that you should look at a leather sample and try and stretch it out a bit. This will give you a good idea of how your couch is likely to age. A sample could also give you a good idea of what your couch will actually look like with the material stretched across the frame. A sample is also a very helpful tool for figuring out exactly how comfortable your couch is likely to be and for getting a close look at the stretch and grain of the fabric.


One of the important things you should look at is the price of the piece you’re looking at. A low price usually means it’s too good to be true!