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Best Home Gym
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The best home gym would have a variety of equipment which would enable you to exercise the different systems of your body. It is a great idea to build the best home gym you can, especially during these trying times of the pandemic where many people are stuck inside with not much to do.
It is always important to work out and exercise, even with the pandemic going on and this is why the demand for equipment to build the best home gym is soaring at the moment. For the average gym-goer who uses the equipment afforded to them by the fitness institution of their choice, it can be difficult to know what is necessary to purchase. Equipment is often expensive, so it is important to only buy what is necessary to work out your whole body. For those looking to build their best home gym to utilise during the pandemic, here is the essential equipment required to work all systems of your body and keep you fit and healthy while you are stuck inside.


Dumbbells are an important part of the best home gym possible.

They are able to afford the user a wide variety of exercises, and can work every muscle possible. Dumbbells are able to do many exercises which can hit all different muscle groups. They can hit the chest through chest presses, legs through squats, shoulders through shoulder presses, back through rows and arms through curls and tricep extensions. Furthermore, they can be used in various different exercises which hit the same muscle groups which can be combined into supersets and so on to further activate the muscles. It is this variety of use that makes dumbbells so popular in gyms and why they must be purchased for the best home gym. Moreover, free weights will always be preferable to stabilised machine weights, as free weights work the stabilising muscles as well in contrast to machine weights which do not. Machine weights will also cost significantly more and do not have more variable use other than the one exercise it is intended for.

Exercise bike (or any cardio machine)

A form of cardio is just as important as any weight lifting equipment for the best home gym. While many people will lift weights, many will neglect cardio (just as much as people neglect legs, maybe more!). The cardio system is arguably one of the most important systems to be exercising, as it is related to your heart and this is definitely something you want to keep healthy as it can cause a lot of problems in the future if you do not. For these reasons, a form of cardio equipment such as a cardio bike is highly beneficial and an essential for the best home gym possible. A cardio bike will help to work your cardio while also working your legs. An elliptical machine is also a good substitute, however will not work your legs as much as a cardio bike. Both are good as they take the strain off your joints in contrast to running on the road, and you do not ever have to leave your best home gym which is beneficial during these lockdown times.

In summary, having both dumbbells and a form of cardio machine such as an exercise bike in your best home gym is enough to work all systems of your body and keep you fit and healthy. Dumbbells offer a lot of variety which can be used to work all your muscle groups, and the cardio bike will work your cardio system.

That is all you need for the best home gym.