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Good Painters In North Shore

Before jumping into these amazing facts, it would be good to discuss a little about painting and the painters. Starting without stating the basics is like beginning a fairytale without “long ago”.

An artist, as you already know, paints; While painting on its own is quite vast, with several types reaching about a hundred, also including specialized painters.

Being an artist is quite interesting, even as a hobby and career, as creativity is in full blast added to different areas you can specialize in.

Like painters in North shore, if you’re an artist considered one, or just generally interested in painting, it would be pleasant if you knew some facts. So buckle up as we show you the mind-blowing facts about paintings and their painters.

  1. Painting has existed for about 30 000 Years!

Yep, you read right… who knew painters existed that long? However, we should have seen this coming with the discovered cave drawing photos. Early cave folks drew with yellow or red ochre (Natural clay), charcoal, hematite, and sometimes animal blood and fat.

Throughout history, painters have left their mark, as they’ve been known for being creative, skillful, and dedicated.

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  • Acrylic Paints Were Commercially Introduced In The ’50s

Compared to some painting, acrylic is surprisingly a recently introduced type, only becoming commercially available in the 1950s. The reinvented by a chemist from Germany, Otto Röhm, was only just patented in 1915.

It consistently developed until it got widely acceptable, making painting much easier for our inspired painters.

  • World War ll Also Affected The Industry.

It is expected that some significant historical events would affect different industries, and It did not exempt the painting industry.

During World War ll, linseed oil(added to paint for its preservative and water-resistant qualities) was scarce, bringing up a need for manufacturers to find an alternative. Different resins were made by the manufacturers and were used to paint.

  • 570 Gallons Of Paint Is Needed To Paint The White House!

Getting yourself a house can be one of the vast accomplishments you can make in your life. But getting it furnished and ready to be inhabited is a significant project.

Painting is among the task you’d have to face while refurbishing your home and is sometimes considered expensive. For example, to paint the Whitehouse, you’d need approximately 570 gallons of white paint, which costs $20000!

We didn’t include the money you’d have to give the painter to do the job unless you plan on painting it yourself.

  • Origin Of Spray Painting Was In 1949!

Spray paint was a significant creation in the industry. Spray painting was initiated and made in 1949 by Mr Edward H. Seymour; it gained popularity after 20 years of its making. It was and still is majorly used by graffiti painters.


It would seem like I put too many exclamation marks for each point, but you can’t tell me that the facts weren’t fun. The facts we put are some essential ones you should know about in the industry.

That means there are many more where that came from, as the industry is quite prominent in history. Painters get the chance to be a part of that industry.