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Choosing the right SEO package for you and your business can be a difficult task if you have never used the type of service before. On top of that different SEO companies offer different packages and in the end the whole process can be very overwhelming.

Taking the time to understand what each package consists of and their goals can make your selection process a lot easier. Understand what’s in the packages and what they’re essentially aiming to do.

Here are some tips to help you find the right SEO package.

Understand the kinds of packages

If you want real results SEO costs money and essentially you get what you paid for. Understanding the types of packages out there and their costs will give you a good starting point when doing your own research.

Generally speaking there are two types of packages out there; the standard and the customized. Now you’re probably thinking that I looked at this business and saw they were offering three different types of packages. Those are the standard packages, while each has different features and costs they are usually extra content and time being spent on the campaign and increasing the cost.

Standard packages are good for businesses that have no prior knowledge of SEO and need a starting point. The standard package will go through the main parts of what a SEO package should consist of and give you a basis.

The customized package is more tailored towards those who have had prior SEO work but seem to be lacking in a certain field. The package will then be modified to account more on the aspect that you are dropping in.

What should a package consist of?

Generally speaking a good SEO package consists of the following aspects.

  • Website optimization

A very important part of your SEO is the overall performance of your website. Making sure that the response speeds are quick, appropriate headings, an addition of a blog and mobile optimization are all aspects that could and should be addressed.

  • Content creation

This includes for both on and off the page. Articles that link to your website are an important factor in increasing the trust of your website perceived by the algorithms of search engines. They can be quite pricey but are definitely worth it. Blog posts and blog maintenance is also a part of content creation. Maintaining your website while also producing content can improve your SEO.

  • Keyword tracking and reports

The analytics of your website is pretty much tells you if the package is working or not. Good SEO agencies provide monthly reports that update you on the progress of your campaigns and make relevant recommendations on how it could be improved taking your opinion into consideration.

Understand the time frame of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a flower that takes time to bloom. Nothing happens instantly and this is no exception. Understanding that things take time will help you and your business grow. Looking for a cheap, quick fix can potentially harm your business.

Many algorithms penalize spam links and will take a lot longer to fix than if you did it right the first time. Creating organic results through content creation and website optimization is a long term commitment that is a lot more effective than a short artificial boost.

So when you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization understand that there are multiple packages that aim to achieve a similar goal. Look at what your business needs and choose a package to meet those needs.

If you are starting off fresh look for guidance, as there’s no harm in asking. Many firms will be jumping at the thought of a search engine optimization virgin as no building blocks have been placed prior. At the end of the day they are there to help you so if something doesn’t feel right talk to them and understand what is happening.