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Social media is fast becoming an increasingly valuable tool for any PR agency Sydney, and it’s not hard to see why. The shared web platform has disrupted the field, allowing a two-way relationship between the company and the public to unfold.

While traditional media is still relevant, new forms such as social media should not be ignored. More and more people are becoming engaged on these internet platforms, and they hold a valuable utility in their potential reach.

1.     It’s fast gaining

Social media cannot be dismissed as a minor tool anymore – it’s now a significant component in the PR game. Social media is now often one of the first places people turn to learn about a brand, promotions, and upcoming events.

While in the past, managing social media accounts could be used as an advantage, we’ve hit a stage where choosing not to utilise social media can be disadvantageous for your brand.

2.     Gauge brand reputation

People like to share stories and participate in discussions on social media, which makes it a valuable asset for gauging brand reputation. Utilising social media for research and feedback can help to better understand your audience and threats to your reputation.

Having a presence on social media will help to keep tabs on audience response, making it easier to manage threats and understand what makes your clients satisfied or dissatisfied.

3.     Give your brand a voice

Social media has become a valuable tool for giving your brand a voice in traditional media and journalist stories. With social media platforms, it is easier for brands to have an influence over what is written about them.

This is because social media provides a platform for brands to make themselves heard amongst the news stories they are mentioned in. Journalists will often research into a brand’s social media pages before publishing a story, so this is an opportunity for you to have a hand in your company’s media stories.

Social media also encourages a two-sided relationship with the client, so that any enquiries or negative feedback can be responded to immediately, deescalating the situation.

4.     Make announcements

The ease and fast-paced nature of social media platforms is hard to compete with when it comes to making announcements and publicising news.

News spreads fast and can be shared instantly on social media platforms, which have access to a huge audience and high potential reach. Because of this, social media can be a great tool to announce product launches, events, and company updates.

5.     Find influencers

Utilising social media opens up opportunities to increase your reach through liaising with social media influencers. This can help you to reach a wider audience which is highly engaged and fits your target market, increasing your brand’s visibility and influence.