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Laser Cutter

Are you thinking about purchasing a laser cutter to expand your business’ capabilities? Then let us enlighten you on some factors before making a purchase. 

A laser cutter or engraver uses high-powered lasers to cut or etch images, text, or designs in a particular material. You place the material into the working areas of the machine where it is programmed, then cut or engraved. They are used to cut different materials like foam, wood, fabrics, or even paper.

These machines allow you to create logos, models, signs, and much more, including personalising existing products. Buying one for your business is a brilliant move to make.

But before you hit the store, there are many things you should know about them and consider before you pay your supplier. This article will discuss a few of these points that would greatly determine if you are purchasing a suitable laser engraver.

  • The Cutter/Engraver Type.

There are many types of these machines out there with different specifications. When buying, you need to consider this factor so that you do not choose a laser cutter that can’t meet your needs. Look up and read reviews about them before you proceed to buy.

One might only work for plastics and acrylics, while another may be good for engraving hardwoods. We recommend that you talk to your potential dealer. Ensure that they are knowledgeable about these cutters and should be able to answer all your questions.

  • Its Size And Power

The choice you make based on this aspect is dependent on what you need this machine for. If you want to process larger and thicker materials, then ensure that you go for cutters with bigger unit sizes and more substantial lasing power.

We know that the bigger the machine, the higher the cost of repair and replacement parts, but It’s best to purchase a larger laser cutter than the one you originally had in mind. Larger ones can speed up your work process and, at the same time, give room for your business to grow.

  • Your Budget.

The amount of money you allocate for this machine determines the kind you will buy. Though the cost of an engraver doesn’t necessarily dictate its quality, your budget is one of the crucial things you have to consider when purchasing a laser cutter.

If you are looking for a machine that can cut and etch different materials, you should expect it to be more costly. There might be cheaper ones to run these tasks simultaneously, but they might consume much power and energy. And this makes them expensive in the long run.

  • Maintenance and Replacement Parts. 

Ensure that you go for the easy to handle and maintain ones. Your laser cutter will require weekly maintenance, so you must know how to do it yourself. If these machines are difficult to maintain, you will have to hire someone, resulting in additional costs.

Also, there will be a time when your machine will break down no matter how much you maintain it. And It’s normal; be sure that the parts of your cutter are readily available and easy to get.

There will be a laser cutter or engraver that can need your needs. Whether you need it for professional or personal, you will have an option. Just take note of these factors mentioned, and you will be able to get the best ones.