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MYOB Advanced Concept

Local commercial outlets are able to make great strides when they adapt the MYOB Advanced system. Although some operators might feel more comfortable with an older MYOB format, there is no question that the innovative edition takes business operations to another level. Amid all of the benefits that are available to organisations in this market, we will detail 6 of the best.

1) Cloud Access

The integration to cloud-based models is an essential feature for modern businesses and one of the key reasons why MYOB Advanced works for domestic business brands. Without having to remain with an outdated profile, outlets now have the chance to transition to a dynamic operation where data can be securely stored and accessed without being concerned for space. If freedom of access, storage, security and efficiency is the order of the day for enterprises, then they need to utilise these technologically advanced programs.

2) Customisable Platform

Local enterprises don’t want to be cornered into a platform that is inflexible. This is another characteristic that is true for the MYOB Advanced format, delivering a system that can be augmented and designed for the benefit of the organisation. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales to purchase ordering, stock control, customer pricing, asset management and inventory, clients can pick and choose what is applicable for their own requirements.

3) Real Time Information Access

The desire to be up to date with information transfer and analysis is something that is on full display with the MYOB Advanced system. Thanks to real time reporting components, department officials are able to transfer this information without worrying about being out of date from one cycle to the next. Especially for those outlets who are dealing with large consumer bases, they need to know that small alterations to contact and payment profiles are not overlooked.

4) Covers All Tax Components

The Advanced edition of the MYOB platform assists businesses with their tax responsibilities, ensuring they are a compliant brand each and every tax return cycle. Changes to the tax code are automatically updated into the system, providing extra coverage for brands that need to do their due diligence when dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). All financial activities can easily fall under this banner, helping operators to also cover superannuation and accounting practices for the brand.

5) Saves Time

Once individual users are up to speed with MYOB Advanced and have undertaken the tutorials, they will see for themselves just how much time can be saved on a day-by-day basis. Those small inefficiencies that are rarely comprehended on a micro level will be appreciated on a macro dynamic, helping owners and managers sort out how they can optimise their time with their staff. That extra time that is saved during these common practices can be invested through other means.

6) Remote Access

The use of MYOB Advanced through a cloud-based system will be beneficial for outlets who have a number of participants operating across various locations and devices. Even if they are separated by time zones and won’t be reliable with their position, they will be able to login from anywhere at any time and still take advantage of the platform. Those remote access opportunities have not been available through older models because of their outdated infrastructure and lack of cloud connectivity.

Domestic business brands are the stakeholders who reap the most rewards from the MYOB Advanced format. There are too many pressures and moving parts for operators to be across every unique data set and rather than dealing with these inefficiencies each day, this is a system that makes the hard work easier to comprehend and manage.