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In the out-of-home (OOH) marketing space, digital, transparent panels are the new craze. Known as digital-out-of-home (DOOH), the practical applications of smart glass in Australia are varied, both for professional spaces and residential, private homes. But how exactly does the technology work? Well, smart glass in Australia is embedded with a conductive substance, which ensures that material doesn’t corrode or degrade under extreme heat conditions. This makes it great for outdoor use, especially in patio areas! But this is just one of the many reasons you should invest in this new, ground-breaking technology – read on to find out more!

It’s excellent for enhancing privacy

If your home is situated on a clustered street, where your neighbours can peer into your home and invade your privacy, then installing privacy glass film for windows can ensure that your private lives remain private from your neighbours. Also known as “digital curtains”, these panes can be adjusted to prevent people from seeing into your private space. They’re also perfect for corporate meeting rooms, in which you might be sharing sensitive, confidential information. In these situations, maintaining security is paramount.

Prices are becoming more competitive

Suppliers of smart glass in Australia are growing in number, which is leading to more competition, lower prices and better deals. As the technology becomes more mainstream and more accessible, prices will only continue to drop. While the technology might have been viewed as a premium, high-end luxury in the past, this view is quickly changing as more and more businesses and private homeowners begin integrating the technology in their offices and homes.

Effective in maintaining health standards

beautiful interior of a modern house with privacy glass film for windows

Maintaining public health standards and overall safety has only grown in importance throughout 2020. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic throwing the global economy into a freefall, millions of people have been isolated and segregated from close friends and family to combat the spread of the potentially deadly virus. Bacteria and viral germs can live on surfaces for several hours, sometimes even days (COVID-19 has proven this).

As a result, strict biosecurity measures are critical for health centres, aged care facilities and hospitals, and installing smart glass in Australia are essential to achieving these standards. These panels are imbued with acid and alkali resistant coatings that help with efficient cleaning, disinfecting and minimise contagious germs spreading throughout a vulnerable, sick population.

Advertising revenue

Installing smart glass in Australia can be a useful, lucrative source of advertising revenue. These panels can be installed in window fronts, bus shelters or other suitable places, where you can advertise your business or allow other companies to promote their products (for a rental fee). Either way, you can benefit from using smart glass in Australia for advertising and marketing purposes. There’s a reason why it is becoming more common in the marketing world.

Reliable technology

Finally, smart glass in Australia is a technology that you should invest in because of the reliability of its technology. It is durable and safe, regardless of where it is installed. If you want to install it in an outdoor location, then you can rest assured that it will be able to withstand the heat and sunlight. Indeed, the surface of the material can withstand around 1300 days’ worth of UV exposure (or equivalent). This puts the material approximately three times stronger than conventional alternatives.

In summation, there are many different providers of smart glass in Australia, which means the industry is slowly becoming more competitive. This is great for customers who will benefit from lower prices in the future and a wide range of suppliers. If you’re interested in the technology, start researching and get in touch with experts in the field!